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If we talk about Friv, we have to do it on the platform where professionals and amateur people get together to share mini-games created by themselves. The objective that they seek does not have to be to get famous with their creations, it may simply be to offer new entertainment to other users.

To play, you can go to or simply download the free mobile application that runs on Android. You can find some of them in other apps, but none is official like Friv is.

With a very simple interface, bordering on minimalism, just by entering it you can already play with its catalog with the more than 300 games it has available at the moment. They are very original, light and mostly diverse. You can choose from a huge list exactly what you want, with countless genres: action, riddles, fun, sports and more.

Generally they are played with the arrow keys on the keyboard or with a pointer on the screen, in certain cases it may be that you have to use a specific key, but all with a common feature, they are very easy and adapted to all audiences .

One of the advantages is that it can be used in an educational way and at the same time entertain the very young. For this reason, it is generally associated with a youth audience, but no game is rated by age and there are some that are recommended for use from 13 years old.

This is a completely free online platform. In the window above you will find columns with games stacked one below the other. Each one has a title and a small avatar image for the game itself. By clicking on the game of your choice, you can instantly start playing it. The preparation does not take much time and is automatic, so you can try them all and choose which one you like best.

The games you will find on Friv can help you relax after a hard day or just for fun. It is really exciting for children, it even reminds a little of those times when these were made in Adobe Flash, do parents remember them?

Friv is suitable for both boys and girls. Most of them can be played on the computer, but there is a wide selection that allows you to find a game for every need and be able to use it on your mobile device. It can also be useful for parents, helping them to hold their children's attention for a while while they are doing other tasks.

Whether you are looking for a specific game where you can dress up or change your hairstyle, kitchen where you can be a great chef, sports where you can play football or basketball games or racing where you can drive through different landscapes in different vehicles. Of course there is more, if you are not looking for anything in particular, let yourself be carried away by everything it offers and discover new hidden treasures.

Among other things, you can choose to do it alone or with other players. With a few tricks, you will reach secret games that would otherwise be inaccessible. Friv gives you the opportunity to play directly from the app or download them for free and be able to use it without an Internet connection at any other time.

But the most nostalgic also has its site in Friv, from the platform itself you will find some pop-up squares that will take you to a page of classics,, and to another of those created in Flash,

In addition to all this, Friv has other features that will make your day more entertaining. If yours are not video games, you have, for example, Chiptune, where you can listen to funny tunes, know the funniest news that is happening, Daily Cute Picture presents the image of the day and you can interact with other users by liking or leaving your comments on the photographs, you will also find the daily Quote information, so as not to miss any detail, a new Puzzle each day in which you will have to answer questions or recognize objects in an image or the Reaction test, in which you will have to quickly respond to a specific question. Be sure to play and have fun with everything you can find in Friv.

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- You can exercise your brain.

- You can relax and have a good time.

- You can learn something new.

- You will always find a game of what you are looking for.
- Some games can be stressful.

- There are some that are not very archaic.

- The option to play with other players is very slow.

- Connection failures may occur while playing online.
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Friv marks the path of a new fashion

Friv marks the path of a new fashion


The success of collaboration between users cannot be denied. Today's most popular experiences are those that invite people to take an active role while playing. Friv goes one step further and enables you to create, share and enjoy proposals created by users. Totally free

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