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As the years go by, technology advances and times change, there are things that are always important. People have customs, tastes or traditions that do not change but adapt with new technologies, innovative devices or changes in the way we consume certain products. One of those customs is to tell and enjoy good stories. From the oldest civilizations the stories, tales, legends, fables and memories are transmitted from person to person. First it was orally, then written and today it is given through computers and mobiles. So that this can be done in the best and most orderly way, there are powerful free apps that will help you express your ideas and learn hundreds of original online texts from people who share a passion for literature.

If you are looking for a social network of writers and readers, download Wattpad is what you have to do. The app is available for all operating systems that have Android or iOS. It is a site where you can tell your stories or discover texts by other writers. It also gives you the possibility to comment on the fragments of the texts that you like the most.
One of the advantages of Wattpad is that it has a very large community. It often happens that these types of platforms do not have a sufficient exchange of information between people, but luckily this is not the occasion. There are more than 80 million people registered in the application and it is constantly expanding.

For many of those who tell stories through writing, one of the great hopes is that the production becomes a successful series or a book that breaks sales records. Using Wattpad brings you closer to this reality since the platform works together with major audiovisual companies such as Sony, hulu or SYFY and publishers such as macmillan, Anvil or Penguin Random House. The firms have active personnel within the social network in search of those texts that obtain the most readers, followers and comments. In addition, all kinds of contests are periodically organized that will allow you to make your voice known to a greater number of readers as well as meet great writers that you would not know without this social network.
To start enjoying this program, you just have to download it to your favorite device and take advantage of the more than 50 resources you have to exploit your writing. In addition, among another of the points to highlight, it can be used offline.

You can always find stories on Wattpad. The platform has stories in more than fifty languages ​​and in a wide variety of genres, including science fiction, romance, youth, fantasy, action, police, adventure, adults, comedy or mystery, among others. Once you choose your favorite story you can save it to continue reading it wherever you want. It can even be synced to digital readers like Kindle.
Among the Wattpad hits to hit the big screen are Netflix's "The Kissing Booth" and Hulu's "Light as a Feather." If it is about important paper editions, After, the series by Anna Todd, was discovered on this social network.

Among the advice that we can give you when downloading Wattpad for free for the first time, tell you that the best thing you can do in the beginning is to read, read and read. A good writer is forged after many readings. Once you find styles, rhythms and tones that are friendly to you, dive for the best productions of that style. After that, start to let your words flow without any kind of filter and then review them until you find a good rhythm, without repetitions and with the least amount of errors possible.
Wattpad is one of the best communities you can participate in on the web. A world of literature, writers and readers to discover. At a time when most social networks focus on discussions or images, taking up the art and craft of writing is more than valuable. The possibility of connecting with other fans of this passion is very good. It will give you space to be discovered and share the beautiful (and ancient) experience of telling a story.

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- Good community

- Possibility of being discovered by important agents

- Wide variety of content

- Resources to improve writing available
- Some users and posts are deleted without explanation

- Operation could be better

- Inclusion of paid services

- Annoying ads
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