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There is a soccer game that is number one. There are no discussions about which is the most popular installment of the sport with the largest number of followers in the world. Playing FIFA is one of the traditions that all lovers of video games and the most important sports activity on earth carry out year after year. The Electronic Arts product is one of the best sellers before each updated edition that they launch for consoles and computers.

One of the requests that fans made was to be able to play FIFA on mobile. The answer came and with one of the best free app in the virtual stores of the terminals with Android and iOS operating systems. Electronic Arts developed FIFA Mobile Soccer, and in this application it managed to capture all the benefits, benefits and advantages that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title has. You can install the product at no charge and then make in-game purchases if you wish.

What will you find when playing FIFA Mobile Soccer? First and foremost, like its pairs of consoles and computers, the game has all the major licenses for teams, players, stadiums, club names, badges and everything related to the soccer environment. The stars, leagues and the most important and outstanding competitions say present in FIFA Mobile Soccer.
The leagues that you can find when you download FIFA Mobile Soccer are: LaLiga in Spain, Ligue 1 in France, Bundesliga in Germany, Italian Serie A, MLS in the United States, the English Premier League and all the most important teams in Latin America. In turn, it has the rights available for you to enjoy all the action, excitement and passion of the UEFA Champions League. Lead your favorite team or player to glory.

One of the great advantages of FIFA Mobile Soccer is that you have the most popular game mode in FIFA. If you are a fan of the renowned Ultimate Team, here you will have your place. This game option allows you to create your team with your own shield, team name, formation and line up all your favorite stars there. In order for your team to function correctly, you must achieve chemistry between the players. Good chemistry is achieved with athletes who are from the same country of origin or participate in the same league. To get members for your team you can buy packs or win them by playing different types of competition. They can also be traded through coins that are obtained match by match or by completing challenges.

The Electronic Arts app also features a new game mode called Game On Attack. Here you will complete matches in search of rewards and to climb your ranking in the weekly and monthly competitions. You also participate in the classification to enter the top of the 100 best in the world.
This is not the only multiplayer option in FIFA Mobile Soccer. Now you will have the opportunity to face your friends in matches of eleven versus eleven. You can play online and in real time and keep track of the history between the two. Whether with friends or strangers who are football fans like you, you can share this great and vibrant experience.

If you have special boots from the sports brand Adidas, you can synchronize your footwear with the app to meet fun challenges. In this way you will play sports and at the same time you will improve your team's statistics. This is a new and very useful option to have fun and at the same time exercise. It is worth clarifying that it is not available in all geographic regions, but it is available in most of them.
The graphics and gameplay maintain the quality to which FIFA has accustomed us. Although it is somewhat complex to get used to playing on the touch screen, it is an element that you will master after a few hours of using the app.

FIFA Mobile Soccer is a must-stop for fans of the franchise. Electronic Arts has many fans of its soccer installment and could not disappoint them in the mobile version. The program can be installed for free, which makes it a good opportunity to evaluate how comfortable the player is with this proposal format.
If you dream of leading your team to glory, don't miss out on this opportunity.

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Desarrollador : Electronic Arts
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- Free download

- Official licenses

- Ultimate Team mode available

- Featured multiplayer
- To enjoy it correctly, you have to pay

- The controls are complex

- It demands a lot from the devices technically

- Problems in the difficulty balances
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FIFA Mobile Soccer

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